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The Groom

You’re reading this because I popped the big question to Jennifer!  Yes, I made all this happen.  Well, Jennifer has been fully committed and the driving force behind the growth of our relationship.  But even with that being said, I’m still going to go ahead and take credit for all of this.  A little something about me, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, excelled as a track athlete at Fairfax High School, graduated from UCLA, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my career in sports media as a writer, photographer, and editor.  After working at the Los Angeles Sentinel and Our Weekly, I started my own newspaper, the Los Angeles Standard.  It’s interesting that I’ve done the bulk of my work in the community that I grew up in, but Jennifer and I never crossed paths.  Well, we probably did, but just missed each other.  At one point I worked down the street from where she lived, and we were on campus at UCLA at some point (I was finishing as she was getting started).  Since officially meeting, she’s kind of stuck with me.  She couldn’t shake me if she tried.  We are definitely two different people, as she analyzes situations and plans things out, while I just go with the flow and make things happen.  Those differences keeps our relationship exciting.  Well, that’s what I think, she probably has a different story on that one.  

P.S. Read below for some fun facts.

I can't remember the last time I wore jeans, which Jennifer wants to change.  My theory is that if I'm wearing slacks and a collared shirt everywhere, I'll never be under-dressed.  There's no such thing as being overdressed in my book.

When I worked down the street from where Jennifer lived, I was a bartender at La Louisianne.  I was in college at the time, so she was still in high school.  I guess that’s why I didn’t bump into her there.  La Louisianne was a very interesting place to work, especially when Scorpio came in to sing Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire.

I am a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Beta Psi Lambda Chapter (Los Angeles) and Mu Sigma Lambda Chapter (Baldwin Hills).  I'm the Immediate Past Chapter President of BPL.  I can't wait for my Fraternity Brothers to join me to serenade my bride with our Fraternity's hymn.

I'm faster than you.

Yes... I am.

Jennifer says that I’m always smiling.  Well, some people see the glass as half empty, some as half full.  My glass is usually empty, because I drank it and I’m feeling good about life!  You only live once, so burn the candle from both ends…and the middle too!

Because Jennifer is a doctor, she’s always worried about my health, especially when I do things like go snowboarding.  I’m just hanging onto my youth.


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