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The Bride

Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis


Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

Hi everyone!  I am the bride to be, Jennifer Williams. Welcome to our site!! My handsome husband to be created this site all by himself.  Isn’t he amazing? About me….  I am the youngest of three and born and raised right here in Los Angeles.  After attending UCLA, where I was a biology major, I attended medial school in Ohio.  Right now (2015) I am a OB/GYN resident physician in Los Angeles, and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Long Beach Alumnae Chapter.  I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Jason.  He has been patient and supportive of my career and our four year long-distance relationship while I finished medical school out of state.  I sometimes joke with him that we both lived in L.A. our whole lives and never met sooner.  We both graduated from UCLA, and I’m sure I must have unknowingly past him on campus at some point.  We had more than a dozen mutual friends prior to meeting, but isn’t God’s timing the best?  Any-who, I cannot wait to celebrate with you all on our big day.  Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers during this exciting time!?

Xoxoxo,?Jennifer Williams (soon to be Lewis)
P.S. For more fun facts about me, read below









1. Something you wouldn’t know about me by looking?
-I was a bus driver for a year after college to earn extra money.  I drove a 70 foot long bus with air brakes and a passenger endorsement.  I had a commercial driver’s license and actually enjoyed the gig.


Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

2. How many babies have I delivered to date?  A few hundred.


3. On average how may hours does a new OB/GYN work?
-80 hours/week.  So pray for me.

4. Pet Peeve of Jason?
-He kisses with his eyes open


5. What Jason thinks is weird about me?
-I don’t eat cooked fruit.  So I will eat the cobbler, but will not eat the peaches in the cobbler.  I also despise yams.


6. My middle name?


Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

7. Stamps on my passport?
-Four (Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Jamaica).  I was a Spanish minor in college and can still speak it a lot at work.


Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

8. What was it like living in Ohio for four years during medical school?
-Cold. Wet. Dark.  Memories that I have now put behind me.

9. People I don’t like and why?
1. Stephen A. Smith: because he improperly uses really big words during every show; really annoying but Jason loves the guy go fig (No I do not, I disagree with most of the stuff he says. -The Groom).  2. The Kardashians: yup, all of them for obvious reasons.  3. People who talk really close to your face (Dr. Code from 11th grade, you know who you are).

10. How many children did I THINK I wanted before working 80hours/week?
-Five (That number is now down to one...maybe two tops -The Groom).

Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis

Dr. Jennifer Williams Lewis



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